Bio-Shield, Antioxidants Against Radiological, Chemical and Biological Weapons


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The possibility of an attack by terrorists with a radiological, chemical or biological weapon has created fear in the minds of the public and professionals alike. Some of these weapons—such as radiological weapons, certain chemicals (like mustard agents) and some biological agents (such as anthrax)—can cause mass casualties within a short period of time, as well induce long-term adverse health effects among survivors. Other agents, such as chlorine gas, may not cause mass casualties, but can create fear and negatively impact the economy. Some countermeasures against radiological, chemical and biological weapons are recommended, but they are not adequate. The current treatment modalities for the management of individuals exposed to one of these agents are unsatisfactory in some instances and totally ineffective in others. There are no strategies for reducing the risks of long-term adverse health effects of radiological or chemical weapons.

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